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About Us

stablished in 2004, Pingyang Feelteck Factroy and Wenzhou feelteck imp & exp Co.,Ltd ,is a rapidly developing scientific and technological enterprise.
Feelteck products cover a wide range of fields such as financial equipments and office supplies, etc, like bill counter ,money counter , banknote sorter, money counting machine,and banknote binder ,money detector .
The company has a modernized industrial park holding an area of 10,000m2, and it is equipped with advanced production facilities and an initiative entrepreneurial team......

Money counter
Money counter

EDF在线老虎机 We are support to more than 80 countries for money counting machine , including USA , Brazil , Argentina ,Holland ,Germany , Dubai , India, Vietnam and Malaysia . At first we are only making back loading money counter machine , than we have Front loading money counting machine and Value mix counting machine, now front loading is selling good after 4 years improved , some models have improved to adjust the speeds, we got many satisfy feedback from Banks different countries. If any question about currency counter , bill counter we are always be waiting to support you .

Note Sorter
Note Sorter

We keep on developing Banknote sorter more than 5 years ,Actually now we are one of the best Supplier of money sorter machine, We got ECB this model ,and have many exclusive agent in the past year, like Germany, Swiss, India, South Africa and Mexico 。 As a bank using equipment ,its very care of quality and software 。 We succeed to make more than 30 countries currency sorter software , testing good in bank 。 We also can customize with your requirement on the software if we got your currency to test and improve the software 。 This machines will Ability to identify bills of all denominations, with Image IR detecting , and will keep the fake one on the reject pock ,while all the original will counted in the big pocket。 It will count without any stop , more Convenient and saving time 。

Value money counter
EDF在线老虎机Value money counter

Base on requirement from customers ,we are succeed to improved many models Bill bill value counter, succeed to export USA,India,Turkey,and most of Euro countries . Feelteck software applied to follow Countries: EURO,USD,SOUTH AFRICA,TURKEY(TL),RUSSIA(RUB),Swaziland,Saudi Arabia,THAILAND,LESOTHO,MALAWI,SIERRA LEONE,RMB,GBP,Switzerland,ARGENTINA,BURUNDI,INDIA,UKRAIN,Ghana,MEXICO,Namibia ,Brazil,Peru,Costarica,JP$ Columbia,Moroccan Dirham,XAF,CANADA,TAIWAN ,Australia, Venezuela,Burma,Singapore,CZK,Swedish,Norwegian We also be ready to customize your country currency.

count money
count money

Feelteck FT-2700 is the machine which count money the same way as front loading , only place money on the hopper is ok, no need any other operations .

money counter machine
EDF在线老虎机money counter machine

Feelteck FT-2070 is a money counter machine with all the functions and number key bottoms separated , its very easy to use , Intuitive see which function use which bottom . Easy BATCH Setting Input Batch number directly , no need to push “+” or “-” bottom thinking everything for saving time .

note counting machine
note counting machine

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN ,and even we can customize with your requirement Color. The panel we have patent for design , you will only one have this kind of machine in your country , if you got the agent in your country . Two display including The machine have two display front and side , show the information different position.

cash counter
cash counter

FEATURES: ---Counterfeit Detecting Function : UV: fluorescent detection; The sensitivity of which can be fadjusted by using the buttons in the panel. ---Auto start counting mode: Put banknotes on hopper and then machine will began counting automatically. ---Manual start counting mode: Put banknotes on hopper, and only after pressing the RESTART button can the machine begin to work.. ---Addition function: Under this mode the new counted quantity will be added to the previous counted quantity. ---Batch function: Preset the counting number you need, machine will be stop when the preset counting number is reached. And machine will work again when the banknotes are taken off. ---Chained note detection(two sheets): When detects chained note, the machine will stop and emit beeping sound. The sensitivity of which can be adjusted by using the buttons in the panel. ---Size detection: Regarding the first banknote as the standard, the smaller note in width (2mm difference) can be detected. The sensitivity of which can be adjusted by using the buttons in the panel. ---IR (paper thickness-notes stuck together) detection: Under this function, the double-note will be taken out. The sensitivity of which can be adjusted by using the buttons in the panel. ---Half-note detection: When detects half-note, the machine will stop and emit beeping sound. ---Customer display: Included. ---With LCD display, which make it quite beautiful.

money counting machine
EDF在线老虎机money counting machine

Front loading feeding machine Feelteck FT-400 is Front loading money counting machine ,you only place the money front side is ok, its much easy than back loading , when using 。 Red changing LCD display Feelteck FT-400 shows the information with very clear LCD display , in addition the display will change to RED when the machine Alarm 。 It will very clearly show you the machine Alarm detecting something 。

counting money
EDF在线老虎机counting money

Save time from counting money Feelteck FT-2050 the machine , which can help you to saving the time from counting money , its easy to use and counting 100% correctly 。 Number key panel: Easy to input the BATCH numbers by number key panel 。

cash counting machine
EDF在线老虎机cash counting machine

Worldwide Compatible Voltage Feelteck FT-800 is a cash counting machine , which is compatible for all the world(Voltage from 90 to 250 V)。 Speed Optional Feelteck FT-800 is front loading feed , it is very heavy duty ,meet for different situation , you can choose speed 800/1200/1400/1800pcs/min , have using in many banks allover the world。

money counter
money counter

EDF在线老虎机The most popular and cost performance money counter machine in the world Feelteck FT-2010 is the most popular machine money counter exported more than 80 countries ,Its suitable to counting and detecting USD, Euro and most of the currency in the world.Problem shorting clearly Feelteck FT-2010 will show all the Erro information when meet some problem ,its very easy to maintain after sale.

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